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Top 5 Beautiful Flower Phone Cases for 2017 Spring

Posted on March 15 2017

It was very cold winter in Korea! How was yours?

Good news! Spring is getting to earth! Isn't it perfect day have good coffee alone or with your friend? Today, we would like to introduce nice spring phone cases


1. Flower in Black Beautiful Back Phone Case (UN-1703)


This is definitely sexy and lovely design. This is 3d plastic back cover with wonderful paper printed flower pattern. 


2. Flower in White Beautiful Back Phone Case (UN-1702)


This is same series with previous phone case but have totally different image. More bright and adorable. It is like spring princess. So lovely. 


3. Garden Back Phone Case (UN-1712) - Pink

If you are pink lover, it will definitely fit for you! Water color like flower print shows very sophisticated and adorable style. 


4. Full Set : Sheer Bergamot Wallet Case + Audrey Flower Strap + Iris Hand Chain - Indi Pink

If you are looking for perfect set with unique looking, we highly recommend this full set. With very delicate flower design print and flower hand string will be stunning when you use it as hand bag with phone chain. Who will think this as simply phone case?


5. Full Set : Shirring Object Wallet Case + Peony Flower Strap- Blush

This phone case will be more amazing when it brings with very beautiful flower strap. Ribbon and peal string and detail of flower. Every thing is so cool and lovely for this spring! 

If you want me to recommend just one, I love all .. so cannot name it! It is your choice which style you want to bring for this spring! These cases are also perfect for gift! Before weather getting hot, please hurry!



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