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Handy Look Lucent Cubic Handmade Wallet Case - Red (ATT-1702)


  • Nice magnetic holder with cubic decoration
  • There are holes for speaker, earphone and Camera for your comfortable use.
  • Stitch detail with luxurious logo
  • It is possible to make a call even if the cover is closed since there is a speaker hole on the top.
  • The lining is soft to the touch, and you can leave your wallet at home thanks to the credit card slots and money pocket.
  • Made in durable Korean leather, even if you store 2 cards on 1 slot, it will not tear.
  • Your phone case is getting fatter because you put in a lot of things, such as credit cards, business cards, etc…?
  • You don’t need to worry if you will be able to open or close the case since it is very well fastened and has a reinforcing magnet door which gives the case a better grip.
  • You can put your phone in the wallet case easily on a soft jelly type reinforcement case, protecting your phone from scratches.
  • Easy to detach, you can use all the buttons and functions without inconvenience and also charge the battery without taking off the case.

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